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  1. JDavid

    Funnel Sales

    useless contribution
  2. JDavid

    Funnel Sales

    Someone tell me how can I create a sales funnel using alidropship (original version), that let me offer upsell, downsell, crossell and catch their email address
  3. JDavid

    Fashion store

    Hi, pm me your url and price please
  4. JDavid

    454000 $ in a year with Alidropship

    I do not know if I'm late, but I signed up for the course
  5. JDavid

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hi Ekaterina, I sent you a pm with my WP access detail Thanks
  6. JDavid

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hi, I have the same problem... my custom menu it doesn`t appear in my store.
  7. JDavid

    Success story after several failures

    Congrats for your success and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Can you tell us how to set your ads in adwords? You use ads in search engine or display networks? Your ads are targeted to a specific product or to your general store? Thanks and keep in success!
  8. JDavid

    [NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE

    I hope you can soon release these options to test my strategies and share my results. Cheers!
  9. JDavid

    [NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE

    Hi Mr Kingpin Can you upload a little video show us the design of popups, sticky bars, slide ins, etc and I want to know if this element are full customizables. I think and is my personal opinion, the "cleaning and catching eyes" of the design are very important to make conversion in...
  10. JDavid

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    I'm interesting too. Please share Mr... :)
  11. JDavid

    Built-in Product Image Editor - edit images directly from AliExpress and WordPress

    You are the best. Thanks a lot for this tool. Really really good!