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    Product went out of stock and never updated

    I have a product that went out of stock on aliexpress and when stock came back, the plugin never updated. this way, the product also remained unupdated and outta stock for the longest time. is the plugin supposed to auto update stock levels?
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    AliDropship Woo ver. 0.7.1 UPDATE

    unfortunately under dashboad i dont see aliwoo plugin .. im using the wooversion
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    AliDropship Woo ver. 0.7.1 UPDATE

    i have the old version. how do we update to this new version?
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    woocommerce products not auto updating

    hi there, need to know why the products are not updating automatically. seems like the products got out of stock on aliexpress and my site either shows it with stock or aliexpress shows stock availability yet my store shows otherwise. is there anybody else experiencing the same problems...
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    General Niche store - Suggestions please

    akin to the above comment, there are thousands of stores everyday. if you feel strongly about your business idea, then please pursue it. dont let anyone stop you. this is how you succeed.
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    Got my 1st Order. Amazeballs!

    congrats on your first sale!
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    AliDropship Version 0.6.7

    Mods please step in, we have to fix this issue.
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    AliDropship Version 0.6.7

    that's correct. anybody facing the same issues as i am?
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    AliDropship Version 0.6.7

    This is my current version and i realised that out of 10 products that i import, about 50% of them would have empty product descriptions. (that means only gallery images are imported but not the product descriptions) is this normal? is this a bug? if yes, when can we expect a fix for this .. ?
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    Workflow for Orders on Alidropship Woo version

    Victoria, im asking for the workflow ... im looking for a series of steps .. do you know where i can find out more about the ordering workflow for the alidropship woo plugin?
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    Workflow for Orders on Alidropship Woo version

    anybody can render some help here?
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    Workflow for Orders on Alidropship Woo version

    hi, understand that from original alidropship plugin, one can choose the place order automatically function. thereafter, mark product as processed, click on get tracking to get tracking number, and then change the status to shipped. thereafter the customer will get auto email notification...
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    WooCommere theme installation

    find a theme that you like, install it. if it works , it works. demos .. are a little different. ive used many themes before and each theme will always have its own set of problems. my word of advise is to explore flavia, understand how to create nice pages/ styles .. before you know it...
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    Is Paypal now available on AliExpress? Look at this.

    ah congrats! well deserved sale for sure!
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    Is Paypal now available on AliExpress? Look at this.

    Congrats with your very first sale! would you like to share with us on how you got the sale?
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    Must have plugins for Woo version?

    there are no prerequisites required for alidropship woo to run. however, if you're talking about server requirements, you will need either zenguard or ioncube
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    Product list messed up in admin panel

    wrong plugin use. use the woo version.
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    AliDropship Sandbox Version

    to add on, you will need a valid license already before they are able to provide another license for testing purposes. hope this helps.
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    AliDropship Sandbox Version

    the team will provide license for woo/original if you need it for testing etc.
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    Alidropship woo - New business packages

    you're asking for sample sites that are built with alidropship woo?