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  1. Mayank Sharma

    The Monet WOO theme (BETA)

    Hey can i get a beta license! thanks
  2. Mayank Sharma

    The Andy Warhol WOO theme (BETA)

    Hey can i get free license!
  3. Mayank Sharma

    Upsell Woo (BETA)

    Send me the keys. I would love to test it.
  4. Mayank Sharma

    AlidropShip Future Plans

    Hello, Alidropship team I like to ask we loved this plugin a lot but there is one question I am having in my mind wanna ask you guys what is the future plan of Alidropship Woo plugin will you just going to be limited to Aliexpress or will be having more importing and order placing sites like...
  5. Mayank Sharma

    Technical Question about Variations

    It would be great if Alidropship team will introduce variant mapping feature so no matter what user use the name on the site mapping feature will link that product to the original one! So when placing order Alidropship plugin knows X product variation is linked to Y product.
  6. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    Bug spotted Yaros PM already sent!
  7. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    @Yaros please the image the timer is having some bug next i was talking about dynamically product stock should decrease it bring the customer to know they need to act fast right now as its decreasing and rest our social proof will handle it!
  8. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    Another bug busted : Well, countdown and already sold and available is not changing available is becoming already no matter what we change! Please have a look and please add stock decreasing feature with like every 3-10 second cookie based and that would be great it would get stop at X...
  9. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    Another bug bar is not visible on the mobile version. One more request please add the syncing feature of available stock should reflect the same as what fake inventory is showing so it would make more real.
  10. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    These elements are not editable of time we can't able change the default values: Other bug stock bar and inventory see what value i inserted in the plugin option: Stock bar is going out of layout and inventory and stock left are coming randomly...
  11. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    Plugin need some fixing we cant change time next thing if we increase already sold amount like 1000 or above the bar breaking the layout and going beyond it and is it cookie-based timer and inventory testing that only and please bring more option for stock bar and timer i mean designs and yeah...
  12. Mayank Sharma

    I'm Stuck Product Getting In Draft

    Hello, Alidropship team I am stuck with this issue please help me every time I published product after few hrs or so all products including the published on getting in the draft. thanks
  13. Mayank Sharma

    Countdown Timer +Woo (BETA)

    Well i was waiting for this plugin for very long time for woo version when we can expect this to be available in woo version.
  14. Mayank Sharma

    Abandoned Cart (BETA)

    Woo please we need Woo-version!
  15. Mayank Sharma

    Please Bring Sale Price and Compare Price Auto Calculate Feature

    Hello, Alidropship please bring this feature currently plugin only calculate sales price not compare price i need feature like Sales Price = Cost*2 Compare/Retail Price = Sales Price*3 In this way it would be very easy for us to import and it would be lightning fast and calculation could...
  16. Mayank Sharma

    Pricing Formula Not Updating

    Totally Agree and its coming with just one amount 10.95 not getting why is it so
  17. Mayank Sharma

    Abandoned Cart (BETA)

    is there any news for getting this for Woo version?