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  1. Bedivir

    Where to Buy Pregnancy Wear Clothes in Singapore

    My wife thinks maternity clothes are ugly, but I think she's so cute in them. Imma show her, this website, maybe she changes her mind.
  2. Bedivir

    100+ products and it took 6gb of hard drive space on alidropship hosting

    Nice that you fixed it. I always face the same issue with the updraft. I have alidropship hosting but with 1000 products. Once I had a problem when information about my customers was removed from my HDD. I do not know why but I stored it in that kind of EXCEL form xD. Likely they helped me...
  3. Bedivir

    iPhone Niche Store For Sale

    The link is broken. Is there another one?
  4. Bedivir

    Can I start dropshipping business with $500

    That sounds great, but you need much more than that
  5. Bedivir

    Quick chat with customers like woocommerce

    I've never heard of Zendesk Chat. Is it good?
  6. Bedivir

    We need a crypto payment gateway ASAP

    I'm using stripe as well. It's indeed great
  7. Bedivir

    How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing in Right Way?

    I like the idea, but can you share some affiliate programs that don't require a lot of investing, I mean minimal capital for start? Or even some more expensive programs but with a 100% success
  8. Bedivir

    Adding Bitcoin to Stripe

    I just started using it, so I don't quite know much about it yet. Thanks for the code!
  9. Bedivir

    Beauty & Health store for sale

    Interested, but why are you selling it? These days this is a very successful niche as much as I know.
  10. Bedivir

    Jewelry, Sunglasses, Watch , baby Accessories store site for sell

    I'm interested in accessories for babies. Are you selling them separately ?
  11. Bedivir

    US based Supplier(3D Printed T-Shirt)

    Amazon or even better Aliexperss. Cheap, good, and quick. I own a small business and I get almost everything from these two websites.
  12. Bedivir

    Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) - PROBLEM

    I run an online store as well, and whenever I face such issues I just contact the client and tell him the truth. As for me this is the best decision because the client knows when he will receive the product and you're not going to get in trouble
  13. Bedivir

    Problem With SEO | Can Anyone Give A Hand Please ?

    I'm doing the same thing right now and it doesn't seem to work. However I think I will succeed but I need to learn more about how SEO works
  14. Bedivir

    SEO Image Optimizer

    I've never used an SEO image optimizer before, and I don't even know what this is. I'll do my research, but can this improve my website's rankings? I'm interested in working with an SEO has great reviews online, but I'm trying to learn as much as I...