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  1. Davidoff

    "Payment gateway has trouble"

    Hi. I just get this error message today under one of the order. When I open this is what it shows: Array ( [code] => 40001 [get] => Array ( [pay_cancel] => WIL-G2E6EGNLS6Q5 ) ) I've received payment on my stripe account just wondering if this is something...
  2. Davidoff

    Google Speed Insights - poor score

    I don't want to post new tread, so I ask my questions here. 1. Is there any option to solve the issue with external resources? Gtmetrix under Leverage browser caching tab shows only external resources (mailchimp, google tag manager or facebook) 2. My .htaccess file looks like this: # Leverage...
  3. Davidoff

    Traffic Report not working-Google analytics.

    Same here on both websites
  4. Davidoff

    I got my store, what now?

    This could be a good option. Just make sure that you don't pay more than you'll actually earn :p With this plugin you can only automatically post content from your media folders or links to your products on your social media platforms. I wouldn't probably spend my money on that plugin for now...
  5. Davidoff

    Andy Warhol theme problem

    1.3.4 seams to be working good. Thank you ;)
  6. Davidoff

    Andy Warhol theme problem

    Hi. Just updated theme from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 and I have an issue on a single product page (see attached photo). Also, the admin menu is gone. This does not happen on home page. I switched back to older version for now. Just wondering if anyone experiences similar issues or its just me :) ? Thanks.
  7. Davidoff


    Hi. It looks that with the new update you integrated Subscription form into Andy theme. What settings (from Knowledge Base) do we have to use it to set up with Mailchimp? Thank you
  8. Davidoff

    Strange characters at the checkout page

    I always keep my websites up to date. It was "Minify the HTML Output" option in SG Optimizer which caused that error. What a shame. First I had to abandon the WP Rocket plugin. Then disable "Combine CSS Files" in SG Optimizer because of error showing up on the top of the website and now that...
  9. Davidoff

    Strange characters at the checkout page

    Hi. As you can see from the pictures below I am having some kind of glitch on my checkout pages (on all websites). Those characters are not there straight away. They're coming up after you put and apply coupon, also the picture of the product becomes very huge and barely fit screen. Hope...
  10. Davidoff

    Alidropship Updates not working

    Hi. Yes you have to be logged in. What works for me is to open a product on AliExpress so you go through the verification slider. Silly thing btw as if you not active for a couple of minutes you have to do it again even that everything works on the actual tab that you in. Hope this will help.
  11. Davidoff

    Two or more stores and one PayPal account

    Hi. Question for people with two or more stores. How do you manage PayPal on your stores? What I mean that you can use one PayPal account for one website. I've heard about Parent/Child accounts on PayPal but this future is only available in the US. To get PayPal to my second store I have to open...
  12. Davidoff

    The Andy Warhol theme (BETA)

    Hi. Don't know why but when I preview any product: - The main menu (3 lines top left) is not working. - I can only see one small picture in the product gallery. - There is no product variation. - I can't open any of the tabs (Product details, Item spec, Shipping & Payments or Why buy from us)...
  13. Davidoff

    Social Rabbit stopped working.

    Hi. I can see that SR plugin stopped any activity on any platform on one day (9th of Apr). I've tried activate and deactivate also delete and install the plugin from new without any results. Can anyone have a look on this problem? Thank you.
  14. Davidoff

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.6 - UPDATE

    There is an error with the UK flag
  15. Davidoff

    Page role question.

    @Victoria Kudryashova This is what I was looking for. Thank You.
  16. Davidoff

    Page role question.

    Hi. I want to hire someone to add and edit products. I don't want them to have full access to admin panel, but they should have full access to product editor. I'll try it Editor role, they cannot use preview because it gives "page not found" error. Also, when they open product to edit, few...
  17. Davidoff

    Why same images came to media multiple times?

    Are you sure that they are same images? I have similar issue here. It looks like it’s same but if I try to edit that picture it’s showing the proper photo. It looks like there is some bug with the thumbnails but I didn’t try to rapport it that yet.
  18. Davidoff

    compare product button missing

    Same here. Edit: Got it :) @jumper its here
  19. Davidoff

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.3 - UPDATE

    Love the blur option. But I've found that when you go with selection over the edge of picture blur option will leave white mark. See pic for details. Anyway very good add to editing photos ;)