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  1. FridaySon

    How to set certain shipping method

    Thanks....for price, is there a way to set zero price for a product?
  2. FridaySon

    How to set certain shipping method

    Hi all... By default, I provide free shipping. But how to set certain shipping method for certain product only? Is it doable in this plugin?
  3. FridaySon

    My 1 month progress

    This is my 1 month progress so far, just 3 orders. My main problem is, I don't have much money to invest on FB ads I really like to make this my full time income but maybe I need to choose other niche.
  4. FridaySon

    Gallery Poster Spinner Text

    I am really blank what to put in the Spinner Text area for the galley post. When i click the Recommended Settings, this spinner text area still empty. My questions: So what exactly should we put here??? How many images are enough for gallery poster? Can I put many spinner text so each images...
  5. FridaySon

    No email from social rabbit after purchasing

    Me too....what is this????
  6. FridaySon

    Recent Sales Pop-up +Woo (BETA)

    Cannot activate the license???
  7. FridaySon

    Import from Aliwoo, or export to Aliwoo?

    Hi Currently I am using the normal alidropship plugin. But now i think i need to use aliwoo version, because i want to use a payment gateway that not supported by the normal alidropship plugin. I already have many products in my website under the non-woo plugin. Can I import from Aliwoo...
  8. FridaySon


    Is there a plan to support Braintree payment gateway? This is because I want to provide credit card payment gateway and currently Stripe is not supported in the country.
  9. FridaySon

    Before I Buy...

    Before I buy this plugin, i really want to know, why should I buy it? Since it's a monthly basis subscription, I really hope I will get all the benefits. I have a question: What I understand, this is just a social media scheduling plugin. How social rabbit is better like other social media...
  10. FridaySon

    Recommended purchase volume and feedback score?

    I am in the middle of setup my first store. It's quite a lot of work. Now I have arrived at the Import Products section. I really don't know what to put for the Purchase Volume and Feedback Score settings. Any recommendations?