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  1. reian

    Alidropship Woo plugin not working with variations

    lets start a list of woo commerce themes that are known to work and dont work
  2. reian

    Instagram Poster hashtag

    hello, under instagram poster, the template reads: {Like and Share if you want this %TITLE% | %TITLE%} Tag a friend who would love this! FREE Shipping Worldwide {Get it here ---> %URL% | Buy one here---> %URL%} _________________________________________ the post on instagram looks...
  3. reian

    Regarding imported products, some with price and some none

    i find that you have to be logged in on aliexpress, otherwise, the prices come out as 0, when using direct import. importing from the plugin, I find that the product details dont get imported.
  4. reian

    Rembrandt Product images on home not showing

    I just updated rembrandt to RembrandtVersion: and I lost the categories up on top, below the top menu, above the slider. it seems like the previous version didnt have "Category menu" under customizing-menu, it just said "this theme supports two menus". the new one has a third option...
  5. reian

    Rembrandt Product images on home not showing

    hello, I tried uploading to: Products image - 0 (size: 291x360): in customization-home, but I get grey boxes. After setting to "Default"and save settings, the slider resets to default, but the product pages dont. its grey. I also tried deleting theme, and reuploading, but get same results...
  6. reian

    small improvement on blogging will help out a lot

    hello, the davinci theme is seriously lacking blogging capabilities. it just shows all the posts on a page. the other themes are better, showing all posts truncated, with side bar of recent posts. also single posts are able to be viewd. with davinic, I cannot even view single posts, it...
  7. reian

    blog for davinci

    hello everyone, just getting things setup now. So far so good! but Id like to work on blogging, preferably without setting up an external blog. Im using davinci theme, but Im not seeing single posts. In dashboard, post, view post; I just get a blank page. The category shows fine, with all...