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    Zend Guard and PHP 7

    Zend Guard and PHP 7 After much deliberation, we’ve decided not to port Zend Guard to PHP 7 and beyond
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    AliExpress partners with postal service in the Netherlands

    Great News !
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    Minimum versions of ionCube and Zend Loaders?

    Hi @Flintstone , I'm using Zend Engine v2.6.0 with Zend Guard Loader v3.3 and both AliDropship plugins work fine. The PHP version on my present web server is a tad too old (PHP Version 5.6.3), with MySQL version 5.5.55, but everything is working.
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    "License code is valid. Please go to Dashboard"... really?

    Hi @Flintstone , Are you using HTTP Authentication via .htaccess on the back-end maybe? OR auth_basic "Restricted"; auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.htpasswd; ?
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    How to enable stock availability on single product page.

    Hi developers, I'm using DaVinci's template and I'd like to find out why stock availability is disabled and if you can please offer the option from the back-end to display this value. Thank you <div class="meta_only" data-productpricebox="quantity" itemprop="availability"...
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    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA doesn't stop bots
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    Conflict with plugin (Alids)

    Hello @Yaros , When would you have some time to please look into this conflict issue I'm having with another plugin that I have purchased (as explained above)? Thank you
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    Technical Errors

    Good morning @Aizawl Trade, In reading your message I noticed you used the word 'sometimes' or as it is called in technical terms 'intermittently'. This is a clear indication that the issue is not arising from AliDropship's plugin, but is most probably due to operator error, web server...
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    How to replace the build-in Instagram widget

    You need to download, install and activate the following 3 plugins. 1) 2) 3) Step #1 Create this code in simple custom CSS and publish it...
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    How to replace the build-in Instagram widget

    Hi, You know I try to be punctual so I guess you figured "what the heck happened to him, how come he's not replying?" Well there are some good reasons I suppose. You're a Hunter, Gatherer and so I must take my hat off because you work much harder than me. Anyway, the reason why I had not...
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    How to replace the build-in Instagram widget

    Hi, Thank you for the detailed information. I replaced the code <div class="col-md-60 col-sm-30 b-social__item"> <?php if(cz('s_in_name_api')):?> <div class="widget iconosquare-widget">[instagram-feed]</div> <?php endif; ?> </div>...
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    How to replace the build-in Instagram widget

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to replace the built-in AliDropship Instagram widget from so I can use the WordPress widget? Thank you
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    Trouble setting up MailGun

    Good morning @S6Intl , You are very welcome. I'm happy it worked for you. I love your logo! It's both classic and powerful! It stands out and it's hard to forget once you see it. (I've never admitted this publicly, but come to think of it I must have some logo fetish.. LOL) Anyway, have a...
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    Conflict with plugin (Alids)

    Hello developers, I need some support please. I have purchased a customizing extension for a plugin called ShortCodes Ultimate The extension is called ShortCode Creator Maker I can offer to send both of them to you for testing. What these plugins basically do is speed up product description...
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    Trouble setting up MailGun

    Hello @S6Intl , Are you referring to the ALiDropship Plugin Notification MAILING SERVICE SETTINGS ? If YES then do your self a big favor and drop Mailgun - Just forget about them. Get a FREE subscription to SPARKPOST from here: Then enter your API code like you see...
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    Congratulations on your article Yaros !

    Dropshipping Business: 30 Steps We Took To Reach $97 000 Per Month Nice!
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    Q: Is there a secret way to easily replace inventory images?

    @pudg3 You're a life saver! Thanks a million.
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    Crashed my DB

    Good morning Yaros, Your support is AMAZING! You're already looking into this since 7:50AM today! What can I say... I guess a BIG THANK YOU! All the credentials have been send via Skype. Have a great day and keep up your spirit. хорошего дня Anastasios (tom) BTW - My issue has been resolved...
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    Crashed my DB

    Hi developers, I crashed my DB accidentally on one of my test sites (sub-domain for beta testing) and I used a DB backup from my working site to bring it back to life. (Of course I renamed all the active site URL's to point to the sub-domain URL's) Even though I entered the sub-domain license...
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    Can I run the AliDropShip on a sub-domain simultaneously?

    Just make sure you carefully read and understand Google's destination mismatch policies. Since Google doesn't like the word 'bitch' and it's part of your domain (example:, etc), that means that a sub-domain...