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  1. meeyule

    Are you selling stores? I’m buying

    I actually know someone who makes a killing selling her used underwear :D
  2. meeyule

    454000 $ in a year with Alidropship

    Of which more and more seem to be crawling out if the woodwork here yes :D
  3. meeyule

    AliDropship Woo UPDATE

    Off-topic and unrelated response here, sorry :) @Direct-Webstore could you please DM me? I'd like to ask you something :)
  4. meeyule

    Need opinion between standard alidrop plugin and alidrop woo plugin

    I use both, on two different stores. I like both. The advantage of ADS original is that it's self-contained, you don't have to hunt around for compatible plugins. The advantage of Woo is that you have more choices in look and feel, as there are many Woo themes available. Bottom line: they both...
  5. meeyule

    454000 $ in a year with Alidropship

    Mousslim, you're as inspiring as ever! You're a real asset to the dropshipping community. Thank you for your detailed and honest answers. I'm doing OK with my two dropshipping stores, but once again you made me realise that it's silly to settle for OK when you can be doing GREAT :) Really...
  6. meeyule

    And here's mine

    I import products that cost a maximum of $10 for the first site, and add $10 to the price. For the 2nd site which has products costing a lot more I use more complex pricing formulas.
  7. meeyule

    Does this theme support Alidropship plug in?

    I use a Woo theme that isn't listed there, and have no problems. Most woocommerce themes should work.
  8. meeyule

    Does this theme support Alidropship plug in?
  9. meeyule

    Everything on Sale?

    Liz, if it shows everything is on sale, it's because you've imported only products that are on sale on AliExpress
  10. meeyule

    [NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE

    If you read the threads, what it seems to do is this: 1: it gets you facebook account banned 2: support is practically non-existant
  11. meeyule

    Social Rabbit Plugin Not working

    Dunno about the other error, but this isn't a problem with SocialRabbit, I think. It happens when SR tries to grab a post from a Facebook page where the user has set strict permissions, so it's because of one of the FB pages you've added, not because of a SocialRabbit error.
  12. meeyule

    Renaming Image files

    ah OK. I saw on the plugin site that you can get a 20% discount on the Pro version if you review the free one :)
  13. meeyule

    Targeted Traffic with Google Adwords Spend Lots, No Sell

    I'll try one more time: if you don't want to listen to me, fine, but maybe you'll listen to the people who wrote the AliDropship plugin, and have been making money dropshipping for years. This is their latest blog post. Read #4. Unedited product pages...
  14. meeyule

    Targeted Traffic with Google Adwords Spend Lots, No Sell

    Yep, you're right, and we're all wrong.
  15. meeyule

    Targeted Traffic with Google Adwords Spend Lots, No Sell

    In this thread you asked for advice: We told you why you weren't getting sales, and how to fix it. You didn't follow that advice, and now you're spending money on ads? If you can't re-write the titles yourself, I...
  16. meeyule

    Payment Gateway for Middle East

    When I was searching for, also popped up. Then I checked the internet archive and saw that the .com version was an exact clone of the .ru version. As I said, that's beside the point, because I got the phishing alert when I clicked on the link that you had posted, so...
  17. meeyule


    If you have "Follow" activated in the Promoter section, it follows and unfollows people. And yes, it does seem to follow way more than it unfollows.
  18. meeyule

    Payment Gateway for Middle East

    Of course I do Why should I have to prove anything? I clicked on the link you posted and got a popup from my antivirus program saying that a phishing attempt from the site had been blocked. Are you implying that I'm lying? What motive could I have to do that? Nope, that's not what I said at all.