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  1. frdmcllcv

    alidropship return address for defective items

    Who was the youtube? I need to find more resources to learn from
  2. frdmcllcv

    Changing sites

    Thanks for the clarification
  3. frdmcllcv

    Changing sites

    So uninstall it first, email support for reset, then install on the new site?
  4. frdmcllcv

    Changing sites

    I am changing my business and url and wondering if I can uninstall the plugin from a site and install it on a new one?
  5. frdmcllcv

    Multi website use or not

    Hi, I believe you can only use it on one site
  6. frdmcllcv

    Image FOlder

    Hi, Referring to the Media tab in Wordpress
  7. frdmcllcv

    Image FOlder

    What tools/methods to you use to organize your images in your Wordpress media folder? After importing products there is an insane amount of images and it's hard to find what I need
  8. frdmcllcv

    Newbie shipping question

    If I am going with the option to offer Free shipping across the board and build a flat rate into my price. Would my steps be to set up a shipping zone for all countries I sell to, Select FREE shipping as my method. Then in the AliDropship Woo plug in price table add whatever rate I want to be...
  9. frdmcllcv

    Can't implement something

    Hi Victoria, Is this available in the AliWoo plugin? I'm using the Woo version and my Settings only has General, Pricing Updates, Nice Attributes
  10. frdmcllcv

    Email notifications

    Hi, I'm going through the set up process and want to set up the mail notifications as per the Knowledge Base. I'm wondering if this can be done with Mailchimp instead of those listed
  11. frdmcllcv

    AliDropship Google Chrome Extension update Ver., AliDropship 1.0 RC 4 UPDATE

    I am having the same issue. I just purchased it two days ago. The Alidropship Woo plugin version I was emailed and downloaded is Version 0.8.1 I've installed the chrome extension, followed the steps above and it does not work. It forwards to a this page on my site oauth1/extension ...which...
  12. frdmcllcv

    Chrome extension still not working

    I cannot get the chrome extension to authorize. It keeps reading OFF I followed the instructions on this page and when I click log in it forwards to this page which says Page...