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    IG shoutout strategy

    thanks @pudg3 what I meant with 2 is should I try to make sure that 2-3 influencers post the shoutout at the same day & time? or does it not matter?
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    Single quote escaping issues in AliDropShip & SocialRabbit

    Hi there, there is a serious issue with the way AliDropShip and SocialRabbit handle single quotes in any of the text fields, see screenshots: The site is hosted on AliDropShip servers. The slashes before the single quotes (') are not...
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    IG Influencers

    Does anybody have any experience in using marketplaces, such as
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    IG shoutout strategy

    Hi there, I've just gone through the Instagram Shoutout articles on the site and I have a few questions: 1) How often should you buy shoutouts? 2) Should you buy shoutouts from many influencers at the same time? 3) How does the bio link thing work?