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    lol no, that isn't enabled... thanks though
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    Anyone else have a perpetuating issue with the numbers randomly chosen outside the allotted span? I've already reached out to help which solved it interim, it's back again. The "add to cart" number is supposed to stay between 5-35, it goes way past that. However, the number stays the same...
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    Images won't go vertically in Product Description in Davinci Theme

    Hi there, I'm trying to format my product descriptions in order to optimize them for conversions and better fit my main photos for Google Shopping ads. The formatting doesn't seem to transfer out of box, and after trying to add bootstrap to the page is still isn't working. Is there any way to...
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    customer found aliexpress

    I was only suggesting to use the text put in the quotations. This was just an afterthought for OP, everyone here knows we're all dropshipping.
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    customer found aliexpress

    " Hi customer, Thanks so much for reaching out. The products we sell may come from the same wholesaler, however, you'll find our store offers its customers a much higher level of dedicated customer service. While we aren't able to offer our customers the same price as some other retailers...
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    Google Merchant Update Issues in PPC Shopping ads

    Hi all, wondering if anyone has a similar error in Google Merchant/PPC shopping ads: 1. products connected (over 500 products- it's counting all the variations as individual products) 2. product changes aren't happening with automatically updated URL product feed (product deletion, price...
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    I want to run Google Shopping Ads...

    Follow the Alipdropship guides, they will get you set up on Google Merchant. After that is figured out, connect other google services (Google Ads, Analytics, Console etc) After that, you're registered. Run a basic "all products" campaign. Like Mar said, if you're spoon fed then you're not cut...
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    Google Merchant: Linking Google Merchant to Google Ads

    In Google Ads: Go to "Tools & Settings" dropdown, then "Setup" then "linked accounts" then you'll see all the accounts you can link there. That will show you the status and which Google Merchant account is linked. That is also where you can verify links for Search Console and Analytics, you'll...