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    Export products listing and attributes to excel

    I've looked through the knowledge base but can't see this anywhere. Suggestion to include the export function for products listing (something like the export function under orders section).
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    Free Shipping but for ONE quantity only!!

    Suggestion: factor shipping into your pricing for this product alone.
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    Account Registration Email Notification

    Yes it seems to be working now. Thanks. I have a related question - Emails that we collect through account registration are not connected to auto-responder so we will have to manually add it subscriber list?
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    Account Registration Email Notification

    Hi, The email notification sent to customers that created an account contains a link for them to verify their email address. This link is not working. What should be the url to enter for this link? See screenshot below.
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    Order fulfillment status not working

    Refreshed page but nothing happened. I had to manually enter order number ID then hit sync. Only then the order status is changed to "Shipped" and tracking ID appears.
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    Order fulfillment status not working

    I have the same problem. Order processing did not change automatically to "processed" so I had to change it manually. Today I received the notification that the item has been shipped and aliexpress already provided the tracking ID. However, the status did not update automatically to "shipped"...
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    Currency settings autodetect not working properly on mobile/tablet devices

    Hi, I have updated the Alidropship plugin to Ver 1.1.0. Under currency settings, I have set to auto detect geographical location. I have tested this on PC and it seems to be working fine. However, it did not work properly on iphones and ipad as a different currency (NZD) was shown on the...