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    Two Websites for Sale

    The first has just been completed by AD as a Supreme custom site - The second I built alongside the AD build to see if it was possible - AD have been commissioned to add 200 products to this site. All very interesting, but I don't want to run the sites...
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    Website for Sale

    I was taken with the whole idea of dropshipping a couple of months ago and consequently paid AD a lot of money to build me a website. It was an interesting process and I learnt a lot, but I'm not fussed about running the website - so rather than letting it slowly wither and die I wondered if...
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    Mail Notifications

    Hi - apologies posted a version of this in the non-WooCommerce thread, but... In the KB it talks about, "Go to AliDropship -> Settings -> Notifications to set up mailing service." I'm using DaVinci 2.0 for Woo and for the life of me I can't locate this menu - any pointers gratefully received.
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    Social Rabbit - Twitter Authorization - 'Forbidden'

    Yes - just gone into the Developer site and it's listed. Happy to provide you with details if you want to have a look?
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    Social Rabbit - Twitter Authorization - 'Forbidden'

    Hi, I've been to the Twitter Developer site and generated my Consumer Key and Consumer Secret codes, but when I enter these in SR, Authorize, Authorize with Twitter I just get a 'Forbidden' error message. I'm probably doing something really daft, but any help would be great please. Chris.
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    Social Rabbit - Twitter Authorization - 'Forbidden'

    Hi, I'm not in the least bit technical, but have followed guidance on the KB, YouTube and Google and I just can't get Social Rabbit to facilitate the authorization of my Twitter account. I can generate the keys, but whether I use the app or attempt the manual approach I simply get the...
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    Thank you - I've incorporated it through the menus, great add-on, really eye-catching.
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    Sorry - I meant the articles section.
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    Hi - I'm running the Da Vinci Woo 2.0 and I can't see which Customization tab you refer to to paste the reviewpage into within the content section. Does it not work on Woo themes? Thank you.