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    Inventory goes Out of Stock when I modify and add to the gallery images

    I have the same problem reported in this thread. Can somebody help?
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    Pricing markup doesn't support precision???

    Hey, so I'm trying to do pricing markup on my products, but I deal with a sector that doesn't exactly conform to x2 x3 x4 pricing rules. I've been trying to add certain margins to products through a "precision" method. It works with something between $0 and $1 ($0.45 rounded up to $0.99 + 9.00...
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    Alidropship Chrome extension works once for importing a product, then stops working.

    This is really killing my productivity at building and updating my product catalog, so I was wondering whether somebody could help me out. I think it's rather peculiar. So I go to my Dashboard, click on Direct Import, and go to Aliexpress (I'm already logged in). I can import one item. So far...
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    What is the best notification e-mail provider starting out (for free)?

    I've looked around in this forum and answers pop up arying from Mailchimp to SendGrid to Pepipost, not to mention a post that's already similar to this one. Still, I'll like some more discussion of this topic. Currently I've gotten my eyes on SendInBlue, but the notification e-mail provider...
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    Is it necessary to have an Aliexpress account while using AliDropship? Do you recommend it?

    So I've gotten around to starting to import products into my store, but I'm wondering whether it's necessary to register an Aliexpress account for my purchases. Has anyone done it and would they recommend doing so?