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    Limit imports to shipping from a certain country

    Yes I know about that but when I do the import it brings in options for all countries. Thanks though.
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    Limit imports to shipping from a certain country

    Is there a way on importing to only limit to shipping from United States, etc. I don't want all the options of choosing what country to ship the item from etc. I want a simple store to sell items to customers in one country and to ship the items from that country. Using the the alidropship...
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    Tweets do not include links

    I guess, yes the post grabber tool. Is there a way to force the plugin to always include the url before it is cut off ? I really think this is a bug.
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    Tweets do not include links

    It seems most of the time when social rabbit creates a tweet from another account the link to an article etc. will not be included or cut off. Is there a way to fix this?
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    How much traffic?

    How much traffic were you seeing when you started getting orders? 10 sessions per day 100 sessions per day 1000 sessions per day etc. Social rabbit is starting to build followers and traffic is up to about 10 sessions per day on my store but have not received any orders.
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    Pinterest App Setup

    Hmm, well maybe I just needed to wait a couple days? Or I missed the part where it needed a web URL with a trailing slash. Anyway it is working now.
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    Pinterest App Setup

    So the steps to create the Pinterest app so it can be used with Social Rabbit doesn't seem to work. I created the app, but I don't see anyway to "approve" it from another user, on Pinterest. I have created 2 other accounts so they could "approve" my app but the app doesn't even show up for...
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    Need help with after plugin update 0.9.5

    This looks more like a php settings issue. Looks like the plugin uses curl to contact their servers. For some reason that is no longer working. Maybe some type of update happened with your host?
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    Documentation or Tutorials

    I am curious before I buy the plugin is there any documentation or tutorials or even videos on how to do each step of running a store with this plugin? I am especially interested in the actual order process, backend, like after the web customer places an order with you how is that order then...