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    can't import can't edit

    aliexpress has change his design and on chrome, the extension doesnt work anymore... i cant edit my future product and if i import i import nothing what is the solution ? thx
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    i want to hide stock number and choice

    Hello the forum i give you this screen i have 2 questions : 1 - i am not dev but i search how i can hidden the text in pink "effacer" and " 666 en stock" (my theme is kadence) but perhaps thats an option in alidrop 2 - how can i hidden the choice "couleur" and the image when i have only one...
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    quantity stock

    Hello I use wordpress and alidropship i allow alidropship to alert if quantity is 0 in setting, updates but i dont want that in my page product, i have the information of remaining stock if i decided in variations of the product to deselect "manage the stock" alidropship will continue to...
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    dissociate product

    Good morning I would like to know if there is a function to break down an aliexpress product. For example if an ad offers 5 products. can I make 5 unique products in my wordpress and not a single ad with the 5? THANKS
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    error fatal installation

    hello i have just bought last day your addon for woocommerce : AliDropship Woo Plugin i am on hosteur in php version 7.4 i can download the version on my wordpress but when i want to install it ( i have done the test with ion72 and ion71) i obtain fatal error Warning: file_exists()...