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    What PPC agencies do you use?

    With you 100% on this one.
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    Products screenshots to share on social media

    I understand the frustration with pop-ups ruining product screenshots. I've been using this screenshot api that effectively blocks pop-ups and allows for customization. With this tool, I add a frame to my screenshots for a polished look and can easily customize which elements to keep or remove...
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    Marketing strategy for beginner

    A general tip for someone in a similar situation - there are free digital marketing courses for beginners. You can learn some basics and get an idea of how things work and what can be done.
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    What is drop shipping? What is a drop shipping tool?

    The best thing about dropshipping is that a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. So the seller doesn't have to handle the product directly, minimizing...
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    Apps with OCR and a clean UI?

    I think most of the popular office software come with those features, like Office 365, FileCenter, M-Files... Also, perhaps some of the project management apps like Monday and Asana will come in handy as well? Either way, since you mentioned a team you'd answer to, I'd say you should look for...
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    Why use a proxy instead of an VPN?

    I would always recommend using a reliable VPN. VPNs provide end-to-end encryption for all your internet traffic, ensuring that your data is protected from potential eavesdroppers and hackers. Proxies, on the other hand, might not offer the same level of encryption and security, making your data...
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    Auto-sync Excel with Sheets to show the QR code discount applied

    I've been using software that bridges the gap between excel and google sheets. It allows you to link excel to google sheets, with real-time two-way synchronization. You can automate data transfers between the two platforms, ensuring accurate updates. I've personally found it incredibly helpful...
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    Shipping rates and products

    Figuring out which markets to target is also tied with knowing how to attract visitors in the first place, so doing on and off-page SEO is an integral part of both endeavors, I think...
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    Is footwear a popular niche?

    Thanks for your ideas! You're, right, this area actually hides so many focal points that I can intertwine with link juice. Cheers!
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    Is footwear a popular niche?

    Was just hoping to hear from someone with experience on this topic. I'm trying to discern whether I should invest in a new dropshipping business for sneakers and perhaps more luxurious footwear. If I go through with it, I intend to make a dedicated blog to promote my stuff as well. I suppose it...
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    How to get social media influncer?

    Finding them is not the hard part, the trick is to devise a good strategy (a long chain of posts and reels) and having the funds to keep up the momentum until you campaign builds up some good wind on its back
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    Male cologne niche

    It seems like a "niche of the niche" niche, but of course, if you've tried it and found some success with your local SEO efforts, why not aim higher after a while?
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    Poor result im google search

    I think it's due to Google citing some URLs as duplicate content, thus they're not indexed as they should any more. Performing a content audit might solve this...
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    What is SEO and why is it important for businesses?

    Great points! SEO is essential for providing a personalized experience to visitors and converting them into regular consumers. And earning credibility is quite the task these days due to how difficult it is to reach out to your target audience in the first place. So, collecting relevant data...
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    Making, Filing, and Defining Expense Reports

    Thanks for sharing this! Digitizing and automating the process of creating reports is a must for any busy brand these days. Needless to say, error-free report-making is the norm and a category where no "small mistakes" are allowed. Filing system software is very helpful for such tasks, as it...
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    Can I sync Excel with Google Sheets?

    Wow that does hit the nail on the head, thank you so much! I followed this how-to and it works like a charm! Cheers!
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    Can I sync Excel with Google Sheets?

    Hello everyone! A quick question: I started using Excel for inventory and not only, but I also want to keep Google spreadsheets and sync them if possible. It would be great if we could avoid manually copying from one spreadsheet to another and get real-time updates at the same time. So, is...
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    How can I gain free Instagram followers?

    Interesting, thanks for sharing this!
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    Has anyone tried using QR codes for tracking packages?

    Thanks for your input! I did some checking online and found several service providers that offer a practical free trial plan. I think I settled for a dynamic QRCG since I want to be able to organize the packages according to their schedules arrivals. If this works out this time, I'll might use...
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    Has anyone tried using QR codes for tracking packages?

    We need to send fragile packages on a 10-12 days trip, so I need several confirmations that they remain whole throughout. I've instructed the warehouses that will store the items for a short time to check on this and send me an email. I'm also considering slapping QR codes on top of them so I'll...