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    [METHOD] STRIPE Payment Gateway

    Hello everyone, im about to launch my store, and I would like to know if you can still get stripe using only the EIN number and using 0000 as SSN, is this still possible?
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    From $0 - $9,500 in 17 days with only $250 Ad spend!!!

    Hi, could you explain more about this? Are you saying you target to a low cost country? Or that you use your audience from that country to create similar audiences in other countries? You are getting a very cheap CPC, I would love to know more about how you are doing that.
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    Some questions to Ginke

    Hi Ginke, I have some questions for you :) Whats is your experience in terms of ads for your store? What has given you more success? How do you handle the SEO of your stores? How do you handle the payments? Do you think an store that only accepts paypal can generate some sells?