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  1. AlexB88

    Eco friendly premium store developed by Alidropship is for sale

    Hey! What are you thinking in terms of a fair price? I'm trying to venture into selling herbal tea for some extra profit and this might just be what the doctor ordered. Or maybe you'd be interested in a partnership? I'd be selling biodynamic teas by Aromáticas d'Palma, a Portuguese brand. Let me...
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    Make money

    Can you share some tips ?
  3. AlexB88

    US based Supplier(3D Printed T-Shirt)

    Me too, but I like to buy plain ones and create my own designs and add my own customizations.
  4. AlexB88

    I need help with legal issues

    If you could share more about this I'd be grateful. I'm not really aware of this rules
  5. AlexB88

    How make email marketing

    There is not one correct way to build an e-mail marketing campaign. With that being said, here are three pieces of advice to help get you started! Firstly, you need to know the purpose of your e-mail campaign. Is it to build your subscriber network? Get people to visit your website? Convert...
  6. AlexB88

    How to get social media influncer?

    Start by following the influencer and engaging with them with your business’s account(s). If you show genuine interest in the influencer, the influencer will be more inclined to show interest in your brand. When you’re ready to get in contact with the influencer - it can actually be quite easy...
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    Marketing Service

    I had to deal with this once back in the day. I didn't pay attention, and I clicked on something (it wasn't alidropship related though) and my system crashed right away. Even though it seems insignificant at first sight, it may be something dangerous. I was looking for online marketing...
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    How to get social media influncer?

    The first easy way is to contact a platform that promotes Social Media Influencers like tiktok ads agency . I know that tiktok is one of the most famous platforms right now, so it's obvious it has millions of followers. They can create TikTok Ads for your target audience or promote your business...
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    Where is the add button?