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    How are you managing Chinese New Year effects?

    Hi, Since most of the businesses are closed for Chinese News Year, how are you people managing the orders? Or, have you stopped taking orders? Or, something else? Hope to hear from you all.
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    Are addons single site licenses?

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing 6 in 1 bundle, are those addons single site licenses or I can use them on multiple alidropship sites? Also, is there any discount for cyber monday for the bundle?
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    Breaking records

    What payment gateway are you using? Assuming that paypal doesn't allow payments for such products. Or correct me if I am wrong.
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    How about taxes in India for Indian Dropshippers?

    Bump, I would also like to know about this. @kingpin you might be able to help us here.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Change it when it's shipped.
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    Zero © Infringement Clothing Dropship

    Good luck with the journey. How did you remove watermarks on the images? Any tool?
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Nice you made time to reply here. Eagerly waiting for that. Testing your tools, will be posting a review as well soon.
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    Dropshipping journey from Borneo Island

    @Victoria Kudryashova Do you have an document to integrate paytabs to alidropship plugin? Even woocom is not supported by them and I am asking for a guide assuming it can be integrated to the sites using alidropship plugin, since you have suggested it.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Yes, just dug out the email that was burred. Isn't there any special offer for existing version one users? Since the like you gave above is an offer for all. I know it's cheap, but just checking since I even made some deals with you on other products. Not bothering you for more discount though...
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    If you do that tomorrow, then I will not have the weekend for sure. Waiting for it. BTW, is weberly 2 live?
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    I am in. Is there a limit on the number of people you will be sharing it with?
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Oh boy, This is awesome, but I am still waiting for the webrly update hoping that it will be released by this time and I can take advantage for marketing for christmas and new year, hope you won't make one of us to wait to get this for a long time. All the best guys, including me.
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer?

    Hi Yaros, Sorry if this is not the correct section to post this topic. Just wanted to know if you are offering any Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer on the plugin? This would help in purchasing more licenses to start new stores. Thanks.
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    Dropshipping journey from 0 knowledge - let's start !

    Nice try buddy. He has just started, why are you so eager in telling him to share his niche? To steal it?
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    So, now I am waiting for 2 updates from you. One the weberly update and now this.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Is this already available? Or are you still in talks? Either way, I am in. BTW, with this company details we can have stripe payments I guess? Also, are they cheaper than atlas by stripe?
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Yes, I had confirmed this with Kingpin long back when he posted about that and this is what it is. Existing users who didn't bought webrily will get a deal, but users who bought it in earlybird promotion will get it for free.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    I am waiting for it too.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    @kingpin what about those who have already bought the service? Will we get an update? Or do we have to pay again?
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Did I just miss it? If it's still open, I will PM you the niche.