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  1. QueenBris

    Beauty & Health store for sale

    LOL, then let's say. Why did he decide to sell that 2 years ago. Hopefully, the sale didn't go through. Since when the covid pandemic started, his shop would literally bring him millions! Whatever hopefully somebody made some money on that shop )) And yes, this niche will always be in...
  2. QueenBris

    Is Content Necessary thing for eCOmmerce Websites?

    Of course, it is! I firmly believe that good content is one of the most necessary things for ecommerce websites.
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    I also have done some SEO work by myself, but the result was so insignificant, so I decided to hire an SEO agency. Indeed, it is essential to have a highly ranked site. Despite the development of social networks, over 60% of the traffic is still made up of search engine users. The conversion...
  4. QueenBris

    Least Cost Advertising

    I love their displays. My husband worked there for a while
  5. QueenBris

    Bitpay with woocommerce to accept bitcoin and other crypto coins as payment

    If they don't accept crypto as a form of payment, sell your crypto and get the cash you need. However, I'd suggest you study the market, so you could understand when it is the best moment to sell your cryptos. You may use different trading platforms to help you identify when the price will go up...
  6. QueenBris

    Underwear Dropship Website For Sale $1000

    many problems with these bras
  7. QueenBris

    Tips on converting website visitors to BUYERS

    Thanks for the tips. This industry is quite delicate, and we need to use all the knowledge that we have to succeed. Nowadays is not important what you sell, it's more important how you sell those products, and how your marketing team works. I understood that, when I first time bought website...
  8. QueenBris

    Selling ebook or other digital products using Alidropship plugin

    I don't know how to configure or setup the Alidropship plugin to sell digital products like e-book or software, but I can recommend you this site where I buy PDF books, so you could see how is the site's interface, and maybe contact the site's owner. Maybe he could help you. If you are...
  9. QueenBris

    Digital Marketing

    Can you tell me more information about this company?
  10. QueenBris

    Programming issues I have with Alidropship and add-ons

    I also hired an IT support servise recently
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    To quickbooks idk
  12. QueenBris

    Survival and Fitness site for sale

    why did you want to sell it?
  13. QueenBris

    Anime and Manga Art Supply Store for Sale (WooCommerce)

    I also love anime and manga
  14. QueenBris

    Massage niche store for sale

    I am a massage lover. I would be interested to have such a niche store, and I don’t understand why you want to sell it. I think maybe you did something bad if this business doesn’t work well now. Also you should increase all your products that you have there. For example a good idea would be to...
  15. QueenBris

    Health Products Niche For Sale

    No, please... no vegan..
  16. QueenBris

    Offer Smart Watch wholesales from Shenzhen China

    That looks like a great new Amazon shop to start up.
  17. QueenBris

    Is address important?

    Of course the address is important. Every small business should take this in consideration. You can get a low-priced business address with the help of because there they have the best address that provide you security for a small price. You can also add...
  18. QueenBris

    Home & Garden Niche: Alidropship Ultimate Store for Sell

    yeah, i dont see any reason too. desides the quarantine of course. but it is not mentioned anywhere