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  1. tobyhughes18

    Is there a way to remove New Arrivals and Best Deals

    Brilliant thanks for the help!
  2. tobyhughes18

    New single product page

    Havent started marketing with the new page yet!
  3. tobyhughes18

    New single product page

    I really love the new single product promo page. Im wondering if anyone has noticed an increase in conversion rate since using the add on?
  4. tobyhughes18

    Is there a feature that helps with upselling?

    Just wondering if there is a feature that does the following. So say a customer buys a product when they get to the add to cart process, there should be an offer that gives the customer the extra quantities for discounted prices. The image below will help explain a lot easier.
  5. tobyhughes18

    We need individual coupon codes and affiliate links

    I think it would be really good to have an affiliate program where influencers can promote the store using a specific link and they get the commission. We also need coupon codes that allow customers to only use it once per user. For example, say I send users a code for 15% off (SAVE15) when...
  6. tobyhughes18

    Error message on Aliexpress

    Every time I try to purchase a product, I get this message and payment fails "You haven't signed in, or your previous session has expired. Please sign in again" Does anyone know how to fix?
  7. tobyhughes18

    Chrome extension still not working

    Mine isnt working either. I doesn't let me fulfil orders automatically. I have to copy and paste info on Aliexpress....
  8. tobyhughes18

    Order is not fulfilling automatically

    Yes i have and they said they are looking into it.. Still not fixed
  9. tobyhughes18

    Order is not fulfilling automatically

    The extension only works for about 30 seconds then it goes from 'on' to 'get'. Then I have to remove it and download again. I am so close to moving to shopify!
  10. tobyhughes18

    Order is not fulfilling automatically

    Everytime I go onto aliexpress, my chrome extension asks me to put my website in again, then it does accept it and I have to uninstall and then reinstall and only after I have done this, it lets me put the website it, then it doesnt work again...
  11. tobyhughes18

    Order is not fulfilling automatically

    Nope still not working, just gonna have to do it manually... EDIT: Manual is not even working... I have tried to update the product however that does not work, I have also tried to reset the product and when I click reset, it just keeps updating... What is going wrong?
  12. tobyhughes18

    Order is not fulfilling automatically

    I received an order, and after i clicked place order automatically, it said cleaning cart ---> then adding products to cart and it has been doing that for 10 minutes now. I am logged into aliexpress, and I also have the latest chrome extension installed. Not sure why it isnt working
  13. tobyhughes18

    Is there a way to remove New Arrivals and Best Deals

    I know there is no AliDropship feature that allows this, but how can you edit the code to change this? I tried to edit the home.php but it says that this file cannot be edited.
  14. tobyhughes18

    We need new themes

    I have noticed that Shopify is bringing out a lot of new cleaner and much more professionally styled themes. Is AliDropship going to bring out any new themes any time soon? otherwise, it might be time for a change to Shopify instead of AliDropship
  15. tobyhughes18

    I want to open another store using the plugin

    Hi, I really want to open another store using the Alidropship plugin, if I am already a customer and I have a store already, can I get it any cheaper? Thankyou
  16. tobyhughes18

    Subscription form error.

    I use the alidropship plugin, and I use the default subscription form settings. The form appears at the bottom of my website in the footer. When people submit, they get an error and it says it is not set up properly. Is there a fix for this?
  17. tobyhughes18

    Subscription form not working

    Hello, can anyone tell me how I should have my subscription form set up? It was working fine and now it has stopped. So if someone could tell me what setting I should have on then that would be great thankyou!
  18. tobyhughes18

    Can't display images on mobile device

    Hi, this is what I get when I try to display images on mobile device. Computer is fine. It happened since I updated a couple of days ago and then I did they most recent update 5 mins ago and problem is still there. Is there anyway I can downgrade to 2 versions ago? Thankyou
  19. tobyhughes18

    Latest update issues also...

    This is what I get...
  20. tobyhughes18

    Latest update issues also...

    The exact same issue with the images not loading in the description. However mine load on a laptop but not my mobile device. I'm using Rembrandt theme. I have also got the latest version