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  1. mortensen

    Smart electronics, Wearables & Travel accessories store

    Stockholm, sprawling across fourteen islands, is a city of unique flavor in its different neighborhoods. The breathtaking heights and mesmerizing beauties of Södermalm differ from the fairy-tale atmosphere of the narrow medieval streets of the Old Town or the ancient, luxurious royal parks of...
  2. mortensen

    Custom Baby, kids and mothercare shop for sale

    Store children's goods is quite a profitable business. Sometimes prices for children's goods are higher than for adults. Clothes, developmental books, strollers, children's furniture will always be in demand. Parents, in any case, want to buy the best for their children if they have such...
  3. mortensen

    Using credit card and mastercard

    A payment gateway is needed for commercial shops or sites that take payment rather than sending money.
  4. mortensen

    Just another guy trying to make some $ with Dropshipping

    Do you need plugins to develop social media campaigns? There are ready-made solutions already presented as development algorithms, both for advertising and promotion. I don't know how to explain it properly, but a person who wants to create a betting platform or site can probably use the...
  5. mortensen

    Top 10 Logistics Trends Taking Global Logistics Market To Next Level In 2021

    Logistics have not suffered and have not become worse, at least for developed countries. Now even has additional resources to do its own thing. I would not say that the EU suffers from an influx of tourists or a lack of government orders, but many have indeed...