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  1. farhad7970

    cant edit pages

    hello i have a problem with the original alidropship plugin . i cant seem to change the content of the pages . for example the " about us " page : when i edit the text in wordpress editor it is saved but in the website nothing changes . it still the same content - i tried clearing my website...
  2. farhad7970

    cant import anything

    hither , i have this issue for weeks now and with updates has not been fixed - the extension ( updated to latest version ) doesnt import any products . is it just me or it happend to eveybody ?
  3. farhad7970

    automatic product update doesn't work

    thank you for your reply my friend , unfortunately all of my products need to be updated not just a couple (for the screenshot) . the issue is that when i go to the section " updates ) in the plugin settings , I CAN start the update with the provided button but that requires me to keep my pc...
  4. farhad7970

    automatic product update doesn't work

    hello everyone so it\s been a while since the automatic update function for my products doesn't work i tried to disable other plugins to see if something is preventing it from happening , no luck so far . i use the woo plugin and davinci 2 theme . can anyone help me out ?
  5. farhad7970

    home page corrupted after latest Davinci woo theme update

    hi everyone, today I updated my theme and don\t know why my homepage is so messed up right now that nothing is visible. Has anybody got the same issue?
  6. farhad7970

    Review importer checks unavailable products too

    it would be much more efficient if the review importer would not check into unavailable products for time-saving. for example if I have 1000 products and 400 of them are out of stock the review importer tries to import for them as well . please consider this as a noption for saving some time
  7. farhad7970

    review import leads to ERROR 500

    Hither, i am experiencing a problem with the review importer : I change the settings: send reviews to draft ( I turned it off ) and when I clicked the import button it suddenly;y showed the HTTP 500 error. tried to refresh and even enable/disable the plugin and changed the browser. the...
  8. farhad7970

    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.28 - UPDATE

    Latest Update Did this to my website what to do?
  9. farhad7970

    Problem With the Zooming when the site loads - Davinci

    MY Monitor is 20' inch with a resolution of 1600 x 900 . It's not Small . the theme is not optimized well enough for different screen variations . i have to find something for this because it's really inconvenient the way it is .
  10. farhad7970

    Problem With the Zooming when the site loads - Davinci

    Hello Everyone hope you are safe and sound ! i Searched in the forum but didn't find somebody mention this before. When the user first visits the home page the zooming of theme is on 100% ( picture number 1 ) but in this way, everything gets issues from the banner to the Top menus. but when...
  11. farhad7970

    Stock Status on the SHOP PAGE / CATALOGUE - Davinci Theme

    As the last test to see if any plugin works with this DaVinci theme, i came across the plugin named WOO CUSTOM STATUS Which worked quite well in showing the stock status of products on the shop page and catalog. So if anybody has the problem that I mentioned just install this plugin for your store.
  12. farhad7970

    Stock Status on the SHOP PAGE / CATALOGUE - Davinci Theme

    Hi everyone There is something i can't seem to find a setting for or use a plugin to function, everytime that alidropship updates the products, some of them are out of stock. Over time it causes a lot of out of stock products on the website. Wich, the user can't see it is out of stock until they...
  13. farhad7970

    Aliexpress CDN issue?

    I faced the same issue yesterday, I use WP Rocket for caching. I regenerated critical CSS files and cleaned all the cache data. seemed to worked
  14. farhad7970

    Problem on Instagram Authorize

    Same here, still have this for 3 months now. it is Instagram, others are alright i guess but this one beats the hell outta me to figure it out
  15. farhad7970

    AliDropship Woo Themes Update

    I do also have the updraft , but you never know what might go wrong specially with alidropship !
  16. farhad7970

    AliDropship Woo Themes Update

    Same Problem here ... from now on I'll wait for everybody else to update to see if something is wrong .
  17. farhad7970

    AliDropship Woo Product Video

    Ali plugin is one of the buggiest plugins I have ever bought/used, a while ago, I had some serious issues with importing the products that had videos. although the support team didn't answer my emails. a little after this plugin ( woo product ) came out. i could still add products and their...