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  1. palumanic

    Recently Created Custom Watches / Watch Strap Store + AliDrop Hosting for sale $150

    With the advent of smartphones, the era of wrist, wall, and desktop watches seemed to end. But they remained and retained the image of a "status" item. Wristwatches transformed into smart gadgets and became the favorite accessory of businessmen and athletes. If the sales of watches are...
  2. palumanic

    Problem on Instagram Authorization

    Don't forget that it is possible to sign in to your Instagram account through your Facebook account. You can sign in from the service's main page by selecting the "Sign in via Facebook" option. It would be the loss of my main source of income for me. I have an Instagram business. My work looks...
  3. palumanic

    Product edit - video URL link

    I've been doing editing for quite some time, but I don't understand anything about your question. Can you tell me what program you use for video editing? If it's Final Cut Pro, then I understand. I don't have the money to pay a monthly subscription. I usually use one or more of the programs on...
  4. palumanic

    Middle East user - proxy not available

    Most often, the error appears in the browser Google Chrome, Opera. In other browsers, such as the standard Microsoft Edge, this error message looks a little different. But in any case, the browser will say "No connection to the Internet" (or network) and ask you to check the proxy settings. I...