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  1. milutigor

    Product import/reset not working for new product layout

    Experiencing the same problem with "object [object]" error message during RESET or UPDATE on some products (that are out of stock and of AliExpress (product removed). Any update? Info: Click "RESET" or "UPDATE PRODUCT" triggers new tab in Chrome with page showing that product doesn'exsists...
  2. milutigor

    products going into draft when in stock

    I am experiencing "filter malfunction" too.
  3. milutigor

    Chrome extension - Edit - error with pictures

    Thank you Christina for your kindness... I figured out what went wrong. It was CloudFlare Hotlink protection that prohibited pics to be displayed on EDIT tool on Chrome extension. I turned that setting OFF and it works. Bye
  4. milutigor

    Payment processor Account confirmation problem?

    I'm using this one: It's Ok, except "description" field is filled with product number and not name... I'll try to find the solution somewhere in their PHP, but it's not a big deal since everything else is operating and THE money is...
  5. milutigor

    Payment processor Account confirmation problem?

    I made 2Checkout as payment gateway, few days ago. After two or three interventions (Hello, you have to remove 1... 2... 3... product from your store...) they approved my application. And warned me about some prohibited brands, for the safe future (Samsung, Dell.... ) And my site is all about...