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  1. sportycloset

    Selling Dropshipping store with sales

    Hello, I want to sell my dropshipping store because I'm a website designer and I don't have time to run it as before. I have too many client projects for website design so it's very hard for me to take care of the project... Besides my 2 little girls and the family are taking me a lot of time...
  2. sportycloset

    Davinci 2 Theme Main menu missing on category page & single product page

    Hello there. Any idea how to make the main navigation menu smaller I mean to adjust only for the desktop version? I appreciate it cause I cannot find any tutorial ... all the tutorials are only how to set up the theme ... Best Regards, Mihai Dobre
  3. sportycloset

    AliDropship Themes Update

    yeah, I just did it... I had version 2.2 now I have the latest version .. pfft .. Should receive the update through Wordpress's dashboard
  4. sportycloset

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Cause I'm still on version 1.2.2 ... Weird
  5. sportycloset

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hello, thanks for the update. Do we receive the updates on Wordpress's dashboard or do we have to download from the website and install the new version? Best Regards Mihai Dobre
  6. sportycloset

    Coronavirus: Chinese Government Shutting Down Dropshipping Functions

    Hhaah Hahhaha in France i seen on TV all the pharmacies are out of stock :)
  7. sportycloset

    Coronavirus: Chinese Government Shutting Down Dropshipping Functions

    This is a bit lie! With the dropshipping being affected by the virus. Just received a $111 order on my shop and i asked the Chinese people from the store on Aliexpress and they said in 1-3 days the order will be shipped .. so don't panic!
  8. sportycloset

    Buying Stores with Sales

    Hey there. Also, I think to sell my website From August 2019 opened... I don't have time to take care of ... All the sales from Facebook ADS.
  9. sportycloset

    Dropshipping with Instagram Shoutouts: A-Z GUIDE on How I Made $113k

    Hey there still available the discount? Thank you :)
  10. sportycloset

    For Sale

    Maybe its a good idea to put the price you sell it :) Best Regards
  11. sportycloset

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hello. Just a quick question ... What i have to add to the Suscribe form on the front page ... like to add Mailchimp code or something ... if i remove the suscribe form and add the mailchimp code the form is altered ... Best Regards
  12. sportycloset

    Error Place Order Automatically AliDroshipping!

    Hello Crisazzolin. That error 500 belongs to the server where you have hosted your web. Try to contact with your hosting provider so they can look at. Also check / update the plugins you use on your web as may also be a conflict. Hope this help! Best Regards , Mihai Dobre
  13. sportycloset

    Davinci 2.0 WOO Menu Display

    Hello in davinci 2 for Woocommerce on the categories of the products how can i make visible the category description? I can see this if i navigate to any category .. Dresses (14) Please check our Privacy Policy to see how we use your personal data. So what i need to know how...
  14. sportycloset

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.9 - UPDATE

    HEhehe thank you for the update! I didnt see was a suggestion :) thank you
  15. sportycloset

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.9 - UPDATE

    Hi I can see i have the Ali Plugin at Version 1.6.10 but for paypal i dont see that option to add credit card images among PayPal .. What did i missed?
  16. sportycloset

    How can i manage the h1- h2 on Dali theme

    Hello, The Dali theme is so nice and complete .. As well i can see better improvements on the speed page in comparation with the other themes :) ( Is my personal thought ) Also i would like to know how can i control the frontpage h1 , h2 and so on ? I mean from where i can do it? It will...
  17. sportycloset

    Is it still worth to buy social rabbit plugin? Any error on this plugin?

    Hi Rezhart! Yes it worth buying the plugin as it save alot of time. Once you buy it make sure you read the how to in order to be setted up properly. Best Regards