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  1. aurelion

    Sale of Niche Store

    Send your URL. Just be transparent, why hiding the shop url? Lol
  2. aurelion

    Im selling anime store

    Copyright issue, sorry mate, close the store. :/
  3. aurelion

    Are you selling stores? I’m buying

    I have one with $1000 revenue this month. But your price is too low, sorry.
  4. aurelion

    Store for Sale - $967,89 income, 1800+ Real Facebook Fans (gaining 100+ every single day) + Video Ads + Research & MUCH MORE!

    Hey guys, my name is Kevin, I'm 26 years old from germany and want to sell one of my Dropshipping projects. Checkout the store here: - Hosting is Paid for 1 Year AliDropship Silver Hosting, $48 worth) Its a Baby / Kids related Dropshipping Store which is selling...
  5. aurelion

    Order Confirmation Email and more

    Hey guys, I was building my custom store from scratch with AliDropship Woo Plugin. Now the sales are in, but my customers dont reveive a confirmation E-Mail for their order. Can someone give me information how to set up this automatical processes?? Before I hade the custom store with...
  6. aurelion

    Variables are gone when I change the product price

    Hey guys, I have some technical issues with the AliDropship Woocommerce Plugin. When I want to change the price on a published product in "Sample Page" Tab, the variables get lost. For example this product: Its available as Long...
  7. aurelion

    My (Still New) Journey

    OK inkerina nice to hear!! :) Checked your website and looks good for first try. I would change the header into video or featured products (as you show with the buttons). At the moment you cant read the text very well. And the buttons arent related to the pictures. I would try to make your store...
  8. aurelion

    Online General Store For Sale

    Link isnt working anymore. Can you send me a dm? Thanks :)
  9. aurelion

    Hey can you give me more info about your store to sell? :) Just send me URL and PRICE :) Best...

    Hey can you give me more info about your store to sell? :) Just send me URL and PRICE :) Best regards
  10. aurelion

    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.2.5 - Big Update

    I purged the case. My theme is DaVinci and its about 2 weeks "old". Seems there is no updated or latest version. Still missing this feature: "Shopping cart. The Add to cart modal window has been replaced with sidebar cart created in compliance with UX requirements.", tried many devices now...
  11. aurelion

    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.2.5 - Big Update

    OK! But I cant see this sidebar. Not on desktop and not on mobile. Also I dont see the sales bages on the new checkout page. I just see them on mobile device. :confused: EDIT: The Sales Bages are shown in Chrome so its ok, sorry. But I'm still thinking about this add to cart thing :/
  12. aurelion

    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.2.5 - Big Update

    Hey I've just updated to the latest version. Now when I hit "Add to Cart" Button there is happening nothing. The product is just adding to cart but you cant see a popup message like there was before. Thats not so good for conversion. Can you help me to fix this?
  13. aurelion


    OK! Can you give me some tips about how you make this progress easy for you via inbox?
  14. aurelion


    Haha :) Okay so you need to buy 6 new licenses??
  15. aurelion


    Ok but than I'll have to build a store from scratch, right?
  16. aurelion


    Ahhh :) too easy, just one click thank you very much xD It's so sad that we cant use coupons limited per customer :/ Can you do this with ALiDropship WooCommerce plugin?!
  17. aurelion


    I really need help to set this up on my store. I have many abandoned carts and want to recover them. In this post doesnt help me, I cant see the 5 preset mails. Pls tell me how to get this going! :) I have AliDropship Plugin
  18. aurelion

    Should i start a Blog or dropship

    I have a store based on Shopify too. You should use all marketing channels and change to an easy platform which gives you all the marketing stuff in one solution (AliDropship). Its based on WordPress which is one of the best options for blogging and selling. Started blogging in 2014. Blog is...