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  1. Vladimir Unguru

    [NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE

    Happy Holidays @kingpin and congratulations on this awesome tool! I saw some people here wondering whether this solution is legal. I looked at the resulted code and the original content is shown inside an IFRAME, nothing is copied other than the Open Graph tags. So it's legal in my opinion...
  2. Vladimir Unguru

    Suggestions for the DaVinci theme

    I'm using the DaVinci theme because I like it very much. So, I wanted to see if it's compliant to Google's requirements in terms of SEO, and it failed the structured data test for the pages where a list of products is displayed. Fortunately it's very easy to correct this. The file in question...
  3. Vladimir Unguru

    Facebook news

    This time it worked for me! I added both http and https versions and it simply works. You are a life saver @Peeyoosh Kumar ! Proof:
  4. Vladimir Unguru

    Facebook news

    I'm using SNAP free plugin to replace the non-functional FB autoposter. It does it's job pretty well, it only lacks an important feature: it doesn't support text spinner syntax. Anyway, it's the best replacement I've found so far.
  5. Vladimir Unguru

    Facebook news

    It looks like I've figured out what's going on. Lucas4ever, you were right, my FB poster didn't work either, only the test was working, but I've figured out significantly later. I rushed with my answer for which I'm sorry. So, I'm in the same club as you guys :( In the meantime I did an...
  6. Vladimir Unguru

    Facebook news

    In my case it worked like a charm. Thank you Elena! Lucas4ever, I'm pretty sure you missed something. Did you use one of the methods to confirm domain ownership? You also need to associate your FB page with the domain.