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  1. absimp

    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    Is there still no update on this?
  2. absimp

    Invoice Generator Progress?

    Very keen on hearing about this too. Our accountants are starting to get nervous.
  3. absimp

    You are not authorised at AliExpress

    Same issue... When do you expect this to be deployed?
  4. absimp

    Alidropship has crashed

    I keep on getting this error today: Restarted, emptied cache but still occurs. Unable to fulfil orders... Any idea what is going on and how to solve it?
  5. absimp

    Shipping times

    I am seeing some very fast shipping to US. Most orders are delivered in 10 days. Europe on the other hand is at 30 plus. What’s your experience lately?
  6. absimp

    Aliexpress switches to Polish when clicking "Place Order Automatically"

    Having the same issue here but knowing the order process you can still manage.
  7. absimp

    AliDropship Woo plugin warning

    Again I have this problem. Can you look into it?
  8. absimp

    3 stores and lots of plugins

    Send me store URLs
  9. absimp

    Buying Stores with Sales

    This one? PM me sales and your price.
  10. absimp

    India Aliexpres order wasn't processed!

    Hmmm... Are there any package forwarders in nearby countries we could ship to?
  11. absimp

    India Aliexpres order wasn't processed!

    I am suddenly no longer able to fuflill orders on Aliexpress for clients located in India: Is this related to this? Anyone else noticed this?
  12. absimp

    Question about buying a premium store

    It looks like you are answering your own question there.
  13. absimp

    Password protecting AliDropship plugin section?

    Maybe in your hosting panel? But if you trust someone with your WP credentials to check a plugin, what is your worry about the alidropship part?
  14. absimp

    Translate Andy Warhol WOO Theme

    And this link takes me to But my shop is not on /shop and in the customizer there is no way to change the URL, only the name of the link:
  15. absimp

    Translate Andy Warhol WOO Theme

    These words are not showing in Spanish: Orders = Pedidos You save = Ahorras In high demand = Gran demanda only XX items left = Solo quedan XX unidades
  16. absimp

    Translate Andy Warhol WOO Theme

    Thank you, Ekaterina. Vladimir already added me there but I cannot find any missing translation. I am on Spanish.
  17. absimp

    Translate Andy Warhol WOO Theme

    Anyone know where I can translate this text (the word "orders" ): Also these: You save 35% (€NaN) In high demand - only 16 items left!
  18. absimp

    Import Supplier

    Is this function only available with the alidropship plugin? I seem to not find it on my sites running the woocommerce version.