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    I have business trip to Shenzhen next month and looking for meet partner dropship in Toys.

    Hi , I have business trip to Shenzhen next month and looking for meet partner dropship in Toys Categorize.
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    Issues with attributes

    Thank you . That what i am trying to find, a plugin that can filter addition information specific of product
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    Issues with attributes

    Hi, I am using Alidropship Woo Plugin. This is the 5th i bought and i am very satisfy with this plugin. I having a small issues with "attributes" : In single product detail show many attributes which imported from aliexpress but in attributes list there are only few that use for vartiation...
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    Installment/monthly payment for customers

    Hi i am looking for this too. Anyone can share ?
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    Recommended Hosting Server

    Same problem like me. @Yaros please We need help here
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    Recommended Hosting Server

    Really? What is your import speed ? You use Woocommerce or standard version? And how many product you can import 1 times :? My problem, only 2-5 products once, my server locate in US , 1 GB Ram, 20GB SSD, 1 chip core :(
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    Recommended Hosting Server

    I try Singapore and US Location, i think it s the plugin problem . Not your host.
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    Importing not working

    Hi @Yaros could you check for me please. So confuse about this problem !!! :(
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    Migration between Alidopship plugin and Woo plaugin

    Hi @kingpin . Could you tell me how :) Really love to here
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    Importing not working

    Me too, same problem and cant work with problem like this :( Please fix soon. I moved my website from AsiaVPS to location in US NewYork VPS to get the best speed. My laptop internet : 12 Mbp/s My VPS Location : VPS - DigitalOcean (1GM Ram, 1 Corechip and 20GB SSD) - Location US NewYork But...
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    Import reviews not working ?

    Hi my store is Function import product push to shop work well but my import reviews not working. I already log in aliexpress, re-install the chrome extension but when i click import review, it still show loading plane few minutes then nothing happen. My woocommerce version is...