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    How can I make the best of an electronic business card in eCommerce?

    Thanks for the detailed answer! I thought there was lots of potential but, as I said, I just started reading about this. Your comment shed lots of light on the topic and I see that with some creativity and knowledge, one can do a lot more than just share contact info.
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    How can I make the best of an electronic business card in eCommerce?

    I want to create an electronic business card. Of course, I see the general benefits - eco-friendly, real-time updates, there are many ways to share it. But I want to know if there is something specific it brings to the table in the eCommerce industry. I just started reading more about the...
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    What PPC agencies do you use?

    I think SEO is worth it, even if it takes a lot of time and effort. Combining SEO work and paid advertising gives the best results in most cases.
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    Auto-sync Excel with Sheets to show the QR code discount applied

    Thanks a million! I was worried I didn't explain my problem in a good way. And you also gave me a couple of ideas. I will look into feedback and surveys with QR codes too. Cheers!
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    Auto-sync Excel with Sheets to show the QR code discount applied

    I've been immersed in a dropshipping venture, closely tracking inventory via Excel. Now I want to start with QR code discount coupons, currently figuring out which generator to use. I am looking for a safe solution, as I read about some data breaches and various scams involving QR codes...
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    DISCUSSION: The Most Valuable Books for Dropshippers

    Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini, just to confirm, is a great read.
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    Is footwear a popular niche?

    That sounds like an evergreen idea to me! People use different footwear for each season, and those who enjoy outdoor activities spend even more time ensuring their feet are protected at all times. Obviously, people that do sports or at least go jogging will need a new pair even more often, I...
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    Men Clothing question

    I can say I shop pretty much anywhere where I can find fabric of good quality, preferably cotton.
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    What is private label dropshipping?

    Basically, it is one of the ways to build your own brand. For example, a white-label company that provides dropshipping services can provide products in your branded packaging. This model is definitely worth considering, but only after you get familiar with the general dropshipping best...
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    Male cologne niche

    There's a lot of potential there in my opinion, but also enough competition. It comes down to finding a way to stand out.
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    How Good Is A Dropshipping Business?

    Still relevant! Dropshipping is a great model that can work well and bring profit if you put some effort into it. Basically, just like anything else. Do the initial market research, read about the best practices, and see how you can improve things here and there.
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    Can I track sales in Google Analytics?

    Thank you, that's what I was looking for. I see there's also an instruction on how to create a converter audience, and I wasn't sure about a couple of things so this is of great help!
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    Can I track sales in Google Analytics?

    Since there is no way to manual way to import offline conversions in Google Analytics, is there a way to work around this and use it to track the conversions?
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    What is reconciling a business credit card, and how do you do it?

    Good read, thanks for sharing! I particularly agree that paper documents are hard to work with, generally speaking.
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    Can I sync Excel with Google Sheets?

    You can sync google sheets to excel automatically, for example, we do it this way. You can also set flow direction between them (1-way or 2-way) in a way that works for you. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Graphic designer - info about the profession.

    There are so many options after studying graphic design, and I highly recommend it to anyone with some talent and creativity. One extra benefit is that it all allows you to work from home, meaning you have even more options when looking for a job, as your employee can be located anywhere in the...
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    Poor result im google search

    Some link-building could help, in my opinion. Of course, done properly - on reputable domains with a decent DR. Generally, this method can be quite effective, even if it takes a bit of time and effort.
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    What is Spend Analysis: The Complete Guide to Buying?

    Thanks for sharing! Quite helpful.
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    E-Commerce SEO: Guideline for Dropshipping Stores

    Yes, it's not all about the keywords. For example, a slow website can turn off potential customers and negatively impact your SEO ranking. Optimize your website by reducing image sizes, using a content delivery network, and minimizing HTTP requests. And something that many forget to do -...
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    Anyone in women fashion and innerwear niche?

    Exactly, I couldn't agree more - "a balance between personal expression and cultural norms". Balance in general is not the easiest thing to achieve, human kind tends to go to extremes more often than not.