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    ePacket to Canada gone

    Has anyone else noticed the epacket option to Canada is not available anymore? For just about all of my producers it is now just DHL or edEx for $30+ Any idea what's going on?
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    Plugin Seller Reliability Rating

    Yeah. I definitely read reviews, look at pictures, store rating etc and make my own judgement. And like I said, I test order my products to check for quality and speed of shipping. But I'm curious to know what the plugin rating is based on. Because the plugin rating says that the seller is...
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    Plugin Seller Reliability Rating

    What is the criteria that the plugin uses for the reliability? Because for some I see the store has a low rating but the plugin rates it as reliable and vice versa as well. Is there a difference in there reliability as a seller in general vs drop shipping? I have a few sellers tag I ordered...
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    Plugin Bundle

    Thanks @Direct Webstore .. Always appreciate your to-the-point responses! I'll admit I was looking for an easy way (aka being lazy) because some of the threads go on and on with irrelevant complaints, people sidetracking/hijacking that it never gets to the point or end story (if that makes...
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    Plugin Bundle

    Hi all - I'm considering getting the plug in bundle ... can I get some opinions on how any of these may have helped with sales or if any are not worth it?
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    How does Alidropship Woo process Orders & Payments automatically & help my Business

    @anthonyg Unfortunately there is a lot of vagueness in the "Knowledge" base. Most of it I had to piece together through the forum and doing test run transactions to see what happens. My suggestions: 1) The best thing you can do is set up a $1 item in your shop and run a test transaction. 2)...
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    Delivery notification

    Great advice, thanks @Direct Webstore
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    Delivery notification

    I know there is a notice when the product has shipped but does the system give a notification when the product has been delivered?
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    Payment Method

    Mar is AliPay like PayPal where eI can have an account of funds I can hold on the site and then use to pay for orders as they come in?
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    AMP or PWA for mobile?

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    AMP or PWA for mobile?

    I really want to increase my mobile experience since I will be focusing heavily on IG and most people use IG on mobile not desktop. That being said, I've been reading about PWAs and AMP but I cannot seem to decipher which is really best for mCommerce. Does anyone have any experience here and...
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    Alidropship Hosting

    Anyone using Alidropship hosting? How do you like it? My hosting with Bluehost is coming up for renewal and I'm thinking of switching but want some feedback.
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    Stock update not working

    Hi Christina, Sorry for late reply. The only difference is I have Do Nothing for price change
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    Stock update not working

    I just found a product in my store that is showing on the sellers store as no longer available....but still showing available on my store. So someone would have been able to order it with it not being available fro the Ali Seller. How can I resolve this? In my settings, for: When a variation...
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.2.5 - Big Update

    Does anyone know if there is a way to do the checkout progress like the update has but with AliWoo?
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    Refunds policy

    I was looking for an answer to this as well. Did you find anything out?
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    Preloaded content for ALiWoo

    Is it possible to give AliWoo users the same preloaded content people using Alidropship users get i.e Returns page info etc. (the tings mentioned in the Knowledge Centre) so we can get to build our store as well. Maybe a zip file?
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    Automatic order fulfilling & tracking page?

    I'm thinking to change the email template for Order Completed to read Order shipped, But how do I have it pull the tracking # into the email?
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    Automatic order fulfilling & tracking page?

    I did a test order to myself. I have the Order shipped notifications and tracking turned on in Alidropship. When I got the Email notice from Aliexpress that the order has been shipped, I went into Woocommerce Orders and clicked Get Tracking. Another Order Complete email was sent to the customer...