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    How do you guys index your backlinks?

    I tried a few months ago to use the apps Elite Link Indexer and Omega Indexer (which are paid services), but none of them had any effect. Now I don't use anything to influence the indexing, I let Google decide. What I have noticed over time is that Google often scans sites that are highly...
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    Desktop or Mobile

    Of course, it is ideal for the site to be optimized for both desktop and mobile. If I had to choose one of them, I would choose mobile. But let's not forget that some sites don't even need the desktop version, as well as others that don't need the mobile version. It depends on the niche. A few...
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    how to generate sales?

    Hey mate, I know what you're talking about! Been doing digital marketing for a while now. In case that everything described in your thread is true, and you are completely sure that your paid adds, keywords, content, and backlinks are well handled — I would assume you are getting traffic. Now...
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    E-Commerce SEO: Guideline for Dropshipping Stores

    Thank you! It is very clearly explained. I'm just not sure if I will be able to implement all this by myself