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    plug-in to link with Amazon

    I don't want to search here, I want to ask the community for their opinion on what they are currently using and what works for them. Especially with what is compatible with alidropship. I know how the market place works and how to search it thank you very much....
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    POLL: How Often Do You Use Built-in Bulk Import in AliDropship Plugin?

    OK so it seems you are confused a little here.... Firstly, I agree that they should be able to promote their stores, but they know full well that this is a huge marketplace for dropshippers and use that to their advantage. A lot of them watermark all of their images. So if you want to use...
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    POLL: How Often Do You Use Built-in Bulk Import in AliDropship Plugin?

    My biggest issue with this is that suppliers from AliExpress sneak their store names and website links and up sell products etc into their description and images. So these all need manually checking over first and removing/editing. Also the filtering is very limited. For example i only want...
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    plug-in to link with Amazon

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there is a plug-in or addon that will allow my products to be linked with amazon or facebook stores etc? Thanks
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    Best import option for standard plug-in

    Hi Guys, I have found online many csv importer add-ons/plug-ins meant for Woo but I have not found anything for the normal plugin. I have a drop shipper who has provided me with a csv file so I can upload their items along side ali ones however all plug-ins are aimed at woo-commerce. Has...
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    I am aliexpress seller, waiting for your question

    Out of interest, why would people choose us over the competition. For example, we dropship from china which can take 20-50 days depending on shipping type. How can we convince people to use us over someone like Amazon with next day delivery? I know we offer cheaper products but even our products...
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    Facebook/Insta ad videos BANNED!

    What are the details for this guy, I will check him out and report back
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    Interest add on

    Please can you PM me too? Thanks