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  1. RasAlGhul

    Urgent help requested. Fatal Error with the plugin.

    Are you sure, it is going to work and i am not going to lose my product setting? Thanks for your advice.
  2. RasAlGhul

    Urgent help requested. Fatal Error with the plugin.

    Hello, I am using the woo version of the plugin. Currently moving my site from siteground to However, we are facing fatal error while migrating our site to the new host. PHP Fatal error: <br>The encoded file <b>/wp-content/plugins/alidswoo/core/core.php</b> is corrupt. in Unknown...
  3. RasAlGhul

    This product can't be shipped to the selected region. Issue with all the orders.

    Hello, I am facing this issue for all the orders to all the countries when trying to place the order automatically via alidropship woo plugin. It says, "This product can't be shipped to the selected region." How do i resolve it please? Thanks
  4. RasAlGhul

    Urgent response requested

    Hello I am trying to import some products for my site However, here are the issues i am facing: 1. product images are not getting imported. 2. My store currency is in INR. also i have set aliexpress currency as INR. However, it is importing price in USD and showing in INR. For...
  5. RasAlGhul

    Urgent response requested.

    Hello, I am facing a very strange problem. I had set up a price for a particular product while importing that. However, the price is getting changed automatically to the recommended price? Which i don't want. It has slashed my profits on sale of that product quite drastically. Hence, i am...
  6. RasAlGhul

    Urgent Response Requested. Question regarding product variations in woocommerce.

    Hello, I have an important question and I am expecting some urgent help. When we import variable products from aliexpress, is there any way we can import each variation as a separate product? Or is it possible to split them into separate products after importing, on woocommerce dashboard...
  7. RasAlGhul

    Product variation customization request.

    FYI, this feature is given by your plugin only and it has nothing to do with the theme, apart from taking default font. Also there are options given by your plugin to customize the variation's look. And there is a place to put custom CSS to make necessary changes. Please see the screenshot...
  8. RasAlGhul

    Product variation customization request.

    It is It is supposed to be a very simple code, just to minimize the border width and also there is a provision for putting the css in your plugin. Why should i hire your team for this? Isn't it part of your lifetime support? Kindly send the code to make the changes ASAP. Thanks
  9. RasAlGhul

    Product variation customization request.

    Will someone from alidropship team see my message and help me with the necessary css codes please? I have also contacted you directly and no answer. It's been more then 3 days. Kindly response ASAP. Thanks
  10. RasAlGhul

    Product variation customization request.

    Hello, is there anyway, we can minimize the border and text size of product variation smaller on a single product page view? see screenshot: Kindly send me the css code for this.
  11. RasAlGhul

    Issue with currency switcher.

    Hello, There is a diffrent problem, which i am facing, the currency switcher was working properly. However, after last updation, it only shows value in USD. Previously, it was showing the value as per USER’S IP address. Can you advice, whats wrong?
  12. RasAlGhul

    Inquiry regarding cashback URL.

    hello, I am three dropship plugin for 3 of my woocommerce store. Can i use one cashback URL for all these stores or i should be using different URLs for each store? Please advice. Thanks
  13. RasAlGhul

    Looking for help with fulfillment.

    Thank you for your reply. I placed the ordered manually. Will the affiliate link still work? Thanks
  14. RasAlGhul

    Looking for help with fulfillment.

    Hello, I just got my first sale. I placed the order manually on aliexpress and now they are processing it. However, i want to know, what are the next steps i should be taking. I mean, is there any automated way to email customer regarding his tracking no and all. Also, is there anyway, i can...
  15. RasAlGhul

    Site slow due to imported reviews.

    Hello, Once i import reviews with pictures to my page, it dramatically slows down my site. It generates alot of requests from the server, how can we combine them to one? See report: Please advice. Thanks
  16. RasAlGhul

    Immediate Action Requested.

    Okay. so for final confirmation. I am not removing shipping options from variations tab. Rather i am unticking shipping to be used as a variation on attribute tab. Please confirm, if i am absolutely right in this as it could lead to multiple accidents and risk. see screenshot.
  17. RasAlGhul

    Immediate Action Requested.

    Okay, so the problem was i was deleting shipping variations while importing the products from aliexpress. Thank you @Christina for helping me out. I hope, it help others. Thanks
  18. RasAlGhul

    Immediate Action Requested.

    I haven't tried it today. But i tried direct import yesterday. Still i had same issue. Now for some products, it is taking variations and for some it is not. Which is quite strange.
  19. RasAlGhul

    Immediate Action Requested.

    Yes, i have authorized it. It just doesn't take the variations. I don't know why. I have already wasted a lot of time trying to fix it.