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  1. dezigna

    A swagger joins the family of dropshippeurs.

    Swag is actually fine in the west. It's fine for the niche you are targeting.
  2. dezigna

    Get Email list of prospects of any niche + Buying Keywords curated using Amazon (FREE GIFT FROM ME)

    Awesome stuff man. I do general stores. Toys, Tees, Electronics, Beauty, Household and shopping items.
  3. dezigna

    AliDropship Woo ver. 0.5 BETA

    Awesome, love the swatch options.
  4. dezigna

    Cutified Pets - Pet Themed Apparel and Pet Costumes

    Your site is showing a lot of garbage actually.
  5. dezigna

    Beta-Testers Needed!

    Ok so far it works as it should. The woo plugin is basically an importer at this time. Imports products and reviews just the same. All other features you'll have to get extra plugins for woocommerce to do them. Good for a first beta. I'd like to see what features will be added to it.
  6. dezigna

    Nicks Journey

    Social media works very well for e-commerce on the contrary. Your site and price points need scrutinizing. I'd suggest you try to find influencers on instagram for now if you can't afford doing paid facebook ads.
  7. dezigna

    Timer on product pages

    That shopify theme does increase conversions but each release kept introducing bugs in functionality.
  8. dezigna

    Copyright Issues

    Yes it's easy money but stay away from trademarked products.
  9. dezigna

    Beta-Testers Needed!

    Finally, would love to test it.
  10. dezigna

    Payment trouble after update?

    Unless the updates have the old version number inside still. Plugin updates don't even show anymore on my install.
  11. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    Yeah helmets are inhouse but great business to get into. Only problem is they have to be approved by the Department of Transportation in case riders have an accident you can be held liable if the product is deemed to be defective. But this is a good example of providing premium items for a...
  12. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    Here are some good FB ecom groups: Platform is centered on shopify but tons of good info.
  13. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    Yeah correct. Keep this site and research another niche where you can sell products for higher. Maybe get an seo guy to keep doing submissions and optimization for you plus updating FB/IG fan pages now and then. Also stay away from trademarked items. Don't follow these people who are doing it...
  14. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    Notebooks are too general so yeah come with a different store around a passionate niche. Sell them high ticket items they are crazy about. Just make sure the product has good feedback elsewhere. 1. "Authentic Product Name", "Limited Edition Product Name", "Handcrafted Product Name" are some...
  15. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    You have the right mindset for sure. The problem is the niche you went with. Go for high ticket items with high perceived value where you make 25+ profit per sale with another brand and just get some seo done on this current site.
  16. dezigna

    Auto T-shirt Fulfillment Support

    I've been waiting for a longtime actually. Bought the plugin awhile back and still can't use it.
  17. dezigna

    Yaros can you please tell us more about LLC and USA?

    What type of LLC did u apply for Yaros? Single member?
  18. dezigna

    Currency Switcher According to Location

    At the rate it's going, doesn't seem like woocommerce integration is coming before next year. Use another solution if you want woocom functionality. Bought the plugin before too and still waiting. Not able to switch from Shopify at this time because this thing is not usable and Yaros still...
  19. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    Take your time to do audience research in Facebook before running ads. That will make or break your campaign. Normally you run ads per interest group - magazines, brands, websites, fan pages, clubs/associations, b-list celebs etc but your product is a bit general in this case so it probably...
  20. dezigna

    Giving it a shot

    @Eric - if you want to do well with this run facebook ads and shoutouts to higher priced goods like these Make sure to tell the visitor the benefits of the product, big green button that says "buy it now", have trust badges, 30 day...