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  • Hello and good day,I just wanna ask something :D.I got a button next to the website logo that when clicked opens the menu.The question is,the menu box didnt turn off at my home page,but when I open the other page such as my product,the menu will closed automatically.Hope you can solve my rpoblem,Thank you
    I am having trouble activating my Ali Drop Ship plug in... when activating I get a message that says "License is Valid. Please go to Dashboard". Please help me resolve this issue... thank you!
    Hello,can you please help me? I purchased the plugin and the silver hosting package, set up a domain on godady.I already have that 3 things.But I dont know how to install wordpress,thanks :)
    Hi Victoria,
    I'm just new to this! could you please assist me, i have an issue on what gateway to use for my store?
    also i will love to use a paypal, and what can you recommend i should use Paypal Business or Personal ?
    Hi Victoria,
    I am trying to use dusupay while trying to checkout it changes my final checkout figure. Example $136.30 in the basket becomes $13,630 , How can I solve this problem. The check out with Paypal is fine.
    Hi Victoria, having a problem running Rembrandt 3.3.3. theme. Question: in order for the theme to display properly does ALiDropship plugin must be installed or not ? The upper portion of Home Page with slider and buttons: SHOP NOW & VIEW VIDEO does not show at all. Thx
    I want to have the Rembrandt theme translated into French.
    Can you send it to me?
    Здраствуйте Виктория. какой платёжный шлюз подключить для Украины ? Пейпал и 2чекаут не подходят.
    Hi, Please could you check my license key as I can no longer re-install woodropship, caused the new update
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