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  • Hey Victoria. Here for the first time.
    I honestly need help on the social rabbit.
    Its not working at all. I changed the domain of my site and the business as well before I disabled so it caused pinterest to block my account which is even okay because I had particularly opened it for a business I no longer do so I am not pursuing them to unblock at all.
    The problem is I have tried to contact you people on this issue
    Victoria Kudryashova
    Victoria Kudryashova
    Hello, you need to contact @Elena regarding this issue
    She used to respond but now. She no longer does that. I have been shooting her messages daily
    I could not contact Elena, sent emails and forum messages but did not reply. Report instagram login error on Rabbit plugin. March 22nd. Please inform the message to her.
    Hi, I need to reset my plugin key.... when I try to activate say "wrong site". can you help me? Thank you.
    Hey Victoria,
    I am having some issues getting the plugin up and running. Can you please take a look? I installed ioncube and am using 1and1 for hosting. I am fairly savvy so if you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

    UPDATE: Got it figured out. I needed to add the php.ini to my wp-admin directory for it to recognize the ioncube installation
    hi Victoria i get this code error when i installed this theme.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function ads_get_list_currency() in /home/evanslei/public_html/ on line 818
    Good Morning Victory

    do you resign me the key?

    also asks if wpml works properly, and I can have a multilingual site, thanks.
    How we can integrate paypal and Indian currency payment gateway?
    Im Indian.Im using paypal .But For Indians it is not possible to use that. How can I solve it?
    PayUMoney needs INR as default currency.
    But Paypal need USD too.
    Is it possible to to manually put exchange rate in alidropshipping so that product price dont go up and down because of exchange rate?
    Hi Victoria, I have a urgent matter cause I be doing shout-out tonight but suddenly my website contact form is not working. Is my first time, could you help me out, I have sent the ticket to support team. my email is Million thanks in advance.
    Hi victoria, i installed the alidropship woo plugin and i am stuck on the "license" tab. when i click on activate license it tells me the license is valid, i can even import products from aliexpress, however i cannot access any tab other than "license" in the plugin, so i am unable to customize any settings. can you help me?
    Victoria Kudryashova
    Victoria Kudryashova
    Please PM me your domain name and WP login credentials - I will check
    Accra Free Market
    Accra Free Market
    from your WP settings check to make sure your domain begins with https:// and not http://
    Hi Victoria..Just bought Ali plug in and hosting now.. please guide me to configure ali hosting.....
    Victoria Kudryashova
    Victoria Kudryashova
    Please follow all instructions that you've received from our support by email.
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