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  • a week or so ago, I paid 137, 89 and 46 (not exact sure of amounts) I still have no website, pluggin etc.
    What should I do to start.. My name servers are pointed to alidropship and working. What can I do to start bargainsonfire@gmail.com Alfred Marton Thank you,
    Hi, I need help. I want to create a coupon discount. Follow instructions but it does not work. it tell me coupon don't exist.
    please contact me on Skype: yarosnevsky. I will take a look.
    Hi there! I have an activation problem as I ree=installed wordpress the domain is the same but not recognising the key
    Hi Ekaterina, I sent you my WP Login Details and now my website is not running, I have a meeting with one of the investor in an hour. Kindly do the needful, so that I can run my website in front of the Investor......
    Adding products to cart is not working, when u add a product to cart it's empty. For over two days I've been having these problems. Can somebody help me? Money is being spent on ads and clients cannot make orders... this affects my business here so badly.
    I could not contact Elena, sent emails and forum messages but did not reply. Report instagram login error on Rabbit plugin. March 22nd. Please inform the message to her.
    Hello Ekaterina, my website (www.wanabud.com) now can not Add to cart any product after I update Alidropship plugin to the last version.
    and my backend administrator showing an error like this:
    This page isn’t working
    wanabud.com is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500

    Please I need your support. Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Its been over 12 hours since i replied back to you so called support , IF no on contacts me or fixes the theme error soon i will escalate a claim with paypal as i can use the plugin or the extra ones i bought!!!
    Jorge Rivera been trying to contact some type of customer support all day... I bought the plugin this morning, going to bed soon, still no support. Dashboard wont show up, despite "successful" license activation. Im really regretting my purchase, it does not work.....
    hello Ekaterina,
    I already publish my website (wanabud.com) with alidropship, but it still problem with abandoned Cart. So I install the Abandoncart plugin, but it ask a Licence Key.. Can I ask the License Key for Abandoned Cart plugin for my alidropship? thank you
    Hello Ekaterina, I need help ,out of stock products are not put in trash automatically even if I set the settings correctly, and the abandoned cart emails are not sent. You can help me please?
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