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  • Hi Ekaterina!
    Wondering if you can add me to GlotPress?
    I want to edit the swedisch translation. :-)
    Best regards
    Direct Webstore
    Direct Webstore
    Swedisch. Is that a hybrid of Swedish and German? lol ;)
    Likes: Niels
    Haha - oh yes it is! germish at its best
    Hi, I just purchased Beginners addon package but got no email confirmation from you . Money 78$ has already been deducted.. pls resolve my miil id is avioniks@gmail.com
    how send my WP access details for you
    Direct Webstore
    Direct Webstore
    Click her picture, then click "Start Conversation". Give her the URL to you WP-Admin, the admin user name and password.
    Hi ,
    You looks so cute ,Please help me .
    Some product of my website show an alert when i click in Add to cart button , The message is "The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details" ,
    i sent mail to support but they don't replay , So why this message is showing ? And How to solve it .
    If you click this product add to cart then see the problem https://velvetgray.com/womens-luxury-turtleneck-whi
    i want to ask about my alidrop api that i listen that supplier is banner to deliver products in pakistan droppshippers . i want to ask is it true.
    If not please help me to check my store.
    thanks and regards
    Hii,i am very excited about andy warhol theme.When i can download the theme ? Thank you
    Hi Madam
    My Pinterest account is banned/suspended.I am using social rabbit.Kindly help
    Got the same email from my store Pinterest Account this morning... @Christina
    Dear clients! Ekaterina is not responsible for the Social Rabbit plugin. Please feel free to contact @Nadezhda.
    hi ,my old domain is broken. so i register a new domain is bride***.com

    i want update my plugin licence key in my new domain. my old domain is die and lose.

    help me .thanks.
    a week or so ago, I paid 137, 89 and 46 (not exact sure of amounts) I still have no website, pluggin etc.
    What should I do to start.. My name servers are pointed to alidropship and working. What can I do to start bargainsonfire@gmail.com Alfred Marton Thank you,
    Hi, I need help. I want to create a coupon discount. Follow instructions but it does not work. it tell me coupon don't exist.
    please contact me on Skype: yarosnevsky. I will take a look.
    Hi there! I have an activation problem as I ree=installed wordpress the domain is the same but not recognising the key
    Hi Ekaterina, I sent you my WP Login Details and now my website is not running, I have a meeting with one of the investor in an hour. Kindly do the needful, so that I can run my website in front of the Investor......
    Adding products to cart is not working, when u add a product to cart it's empty. For over two days I've been having these problems. Can somebody help me? Money is being spent on ads and clients cannot make orders... this affects my business here so badly.
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